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Fair Trade Yoyos Project Y Yo-Yo - 7068 Aluminum YoYo

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The interior profile design of the yoyo is a "schwall", featuring an exaggerated well along the steep wall with a moderate response bump, providing smooth binds and plenty of room for string layering. It is a power-forward throw, designed to take advantage of it's weight placement. It is also stable, very.

The size and shape fit comfortably in the hand, and combine well with the finish for a nice tactile experience. The cup face and rim are flat, leaving room for painting, engraving, etc. There is an adequate IGR, however. (Note: some of these comments can be interpreted as subjectively objective, and some tester feedback may also be helpful...)

Weight: 63.5g/2.24oz
Width: 42mm/1.65in
Diameter: 53mm/2.87in
Gap: 4.36mm/0.17in
Material: 7068 Aluminum
Unresponsive Play

Inside the box, you will find:
-your selected yoyo, safely wrapped in a sheet of 50% recycled paper that contain sketches and notes of the original concept, as well as some final design notes
-a single white Monkeyfinger Designs Vines String (shout out to MonkeyFingeR Ray!!!)
-a 1″ colored foam cube, paying homage to the foam cubes that served and secured other yoyos in place before them
-a custom letter 'Y' Scrabble tile , thus completing Project Y

Back Story from Fair Trade Yoyos:
a year ago this month on a discussion board, a debate was going over the merits of the dv888..... i had made a couple innocuous observations, but below was my primary contribution to the topic, some further history and inspiration behind the CatSnacks side of the Project Y - i also wanted something we could play together...

a'ight, my and my kiddo's little bit of feedback based on today...
preface: our dv889 is currently set up responsive, how i would hand it to a beginner, i.e., the kiddo - my kiddo. i put a fresh kitty fat string on it as well. i tried to look at this objectively as possible.

when i was throwing, and realized i was throwing too hard, i pulled back on my throw power. i ran through a handful of basic string tricks, frontstyle, etc for a little bit, and really tried to put my 'little guy' hat on...

when my little guy was throwing, very basic stuff. what you would expect a kid to do if you handed them a yoyo and they knew a handful of tricks and were learning. i asked him what i thought were simple, unbiased and unloaded questions when he was done. i'd also told him earlier today i was going to ask for his thoughts on a yoyo.

myself: i started throwing too powerful, as mentioned. i found that when i pulled back on the power, the yoyo was a bit more gentler on the hand... but was also lacking in spin time. getting a little more power behind it, obviously, increased that. but! if you catch that string, it will snapback at you like an alligator - painfully! my hand hurt in a couple spots, i blamed myself for throwing too hard.

i find balancing power with this throw can improve, and did improve my experience, once i put into the forefront of my throwing. however, it wasn't enough, for me. i do enjoy other throws at this point though.

kiddo: my guy is 8. i put an imperial, then a butterfly in his hand at three and stood him on the coffee table. he goes through phases with yoyoing. and to be honest, this throw is one of his faves, which you'll see below.

he ran through his tricks, walked around - we talked about nothing specific, the name of the yoyo string, but i was really looking for him to just experience the yoyo... and i just waited until he was done. he took the string off, put it down, and here we go...

yadda yadda... pleasantries... ya done? yadda yadda... (slight response editing due to not being recorded, questions are accurate)

Me: Hey buddy, do you like that yoyo?
Guy: Yeah papa.
Me: Good yoyo?
Guy: Yeah papa, I love this yoyo.
Me: Is there anything you would change about the yoyo buddy?
Guy: Well, I would make it lighter. It's kinda heavy. I think that's why it makes it so snappy. (these are all his words mind you)
Me: Hmmm, OK bud. How do you think you would do that? Do you have any ideas?
Guy: Well, if you could somehow redesign it lighter... like if you could make it out of plastic or something... like my Bumblebee is made out of plastic, like that! But, I don't know... I think lighter would make it so it wouldn't hurt my hand so much, 'cuz it hurts my hand.
Me: Hmmm, OK... Interesting bud. Is there anything else you think you would change?
Guy: No, I don't think so... well, the color. There's a lot more silver showing on this one spot than the others. Just that...
Me: Ah... OK, cool. That's it?
Guy: Yeah, can I play Roblox now?
Me: Yeah guy...