Freshly Dirty Mod44 Gen 2 D Bearing Yo-Yo - Interchangeable Delrin Rims - Aluminum YoYo

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The Modular 44 is Freshly Dirty's yoyo design with interchangeable rims. By using one standard hub that is compatible with all 3 included sets of delrin rims, one yoyo can truly act and feel like 3 entirely different designs. The mod44 uses an O-ring system to keep the rim aligned and spinning smoothly, even after extended periods of regular wear and tear. One of the most exciting aspects of the Mod44 is its open source rim design.

Each Mod44 will come packaged in a reusable cardboard tube with a protective pouch and 3 sets of rims. The D bearing version comes stock with white Tuner installed. Included are sets of white Coupe and Cruiser Rims and a spare set of O-rings.

Body Material: 6061 Aluminum
Rim Material: Delrin
Gap width: 4.46mm
Weight: Varies with Rim style

Diameter: 56.81mm
Width: 45.55mm
Weight: 65.41g

Coupe Rim
Diameter: 55.24mm
Width: 42.77mm
Weight: 61.1g

Cruiser Rim
Diameter: 62.34mm
Width: 44.76mm
Weight: 63.3g

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