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Freshly Dirty Mod44 Gen 2 Yo-Yo Accessories - Various Interchangeable Rims - O Rings-Pads

$ 2.00 

Replacement Parts for the Mod 44 Gen 2, including O-Rings, D-Pads and many variations of Rims.

O-Rings - These O-rings provide a secure connection between the hub and the rim of the Mod44. Sold as a set of 2. The Mod44 uses an O-ring system to keep the rim aligned and spinning smoothly, even after extended periods of regular wear and tear.

D-Size Response Pads - Freshly Dirty Silicone Response Pads. Fits Mod44 D Bearing yoyos, Sold in Pairs (2 Pads)

Rims - Adjust the Mod44 to your specifications with interchangeable Rims. Rims are sold in sets.. The Big Rig Rims comes with Bearing and Axle to convert your yoyo into a 4A yoyo.

Specs of Mod44 specific Rims:
Diameter: 62.34mm
Width: 44.76mm
Weight: 63.3g

Diameter: 55.24mm
Width: 42.77mm
Weight: 61.1g

Diameter: 56.66mm
Width: 43.67mm
Weight: 62.6g

Diameter: 56.81mm
Width: 45.55mm
Weight: 65.41g

Diameter: 56.24mm
Width: 46.00mm
Weight: 65.8g

Big Rig
Diameter: 76.67mm
Width: 59.26mm
Weight: 72.70g
Bearing & Axle 4A Conversion included