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Freshthings 2018 Coca-Cola Classic Yo-Yo - YoYoSam

Freshthings 2018 Coca-Cola Classic Yo-Yo

$ 12.00

Freshthings 2018 Coca-Cola Logo Yo-Yo

These are preowned and were lightly played with.

This is an official Coca-Cola yo-yo. It is a great collectors yo-yo.

This yo-yo is made by FRESHTHINGS, owned by World Champion Hiroyuki Suzuki.

The shape will definitely evoke nostalgia, as it's the same classic design as the original Russell Yo-Yo (Coca Cola Yo-Yo), but unlike the original, this yo-yo can be unscrewed and taken apart, allowing you to open it up and untangle string easily. The ball bearing gives it plenty of playability.

We recommend using looping oil if you want to increase this yo-yos responsiveness.

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