GENERAL-YO Majesty 2020 Yo-Yo - Classic High Performance Engraved YoYo

Color: Grey Purple Half Swap
Sale price$ 68.99

When General Yo first came onto the scene they made a huge impact on the yo-yo community for their amazing quality and play. Each model they made was limited and has become sought after by collectors over the years. And now, to give more people a chance at experiencing their yo-yos, General Yo has been revisiting some of their classic designs - This is the Majesty 2020!

The Majesty focuses on modern freestyle play with a more angular shape and competition geared weight distribution than their earlier designs. The shape is larger, wider, and perfect for pulling off fast technical movements. Originally released in 2012, this yo-yo was far ahead of it's time. From the first throw you can tell the Majesty's performance still holds up to this day and can easily handle any modern routine!

General Yo has always put a strong emphasis on precision machining and quality control, and as expected the Majesty is incredibly smooth with a fantastic feel in play. This Majesty even features some of General Yo's signature 'BadAss' engraved versions

Weight: 66g
Width: 43mm
Diameter: 55mm
Gap: 4.62mm
Bearing: Size C

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