GENERAL-YO Response Yo-Yo Pads - Gen Pad 19mm Pad, Hat Pad 20mm Pad - Choose Your Style- 1 Pair

Style: General Textured Pad - Thick Size .555
Sale price$ 3

Replacement Response Pads for General-Yo Yo-Yos and all other brands.

General-Yo uses a special aerospace silicone that lasts much longer than standard silicone, and great for binds as well.

These GEN-PADS and HAT-PADS come smooth or textured for Deep Groved response yoyos.

Hand made.

Sold in Pairs

General Pad - Slim - 19mm
General Pad - Thick- .555 Size
General Pad - Thick Textured - .555 Size
HAT Pad - Thick - 20mm


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