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GWAY Throws Daredevil Yo-Yo - D-Bearing Lightweight YoYo

$ 64.99 
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The Daredevil is a 7068 D bearing monometal Yo-Yo. Designed in collaboration with Anomaly; its ready to take whatever you can throw at it. The colorway has a frost blast on the body and a polished cup.

Each yoyo comes with a handmade Bad Wolfe Co string and an enamel pin. Small engraving on one half of the YoYo

Weight: 62g/2.19oz
Width: 44mm/1.73in
Diameter: 53.5mm/2.11in
Gap Width: 4.4mm/0.17
Material: 7068 Monometal
Bearing: D Bearing Throw