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Impact 19" Gravity Unicycle - YoYoSam

Impact 19" Gravity Unicycle

$ 550.00 
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The ultimate 20” trials unicycle money can buy. Featuring a lightweight 3 piece frame for stiffness. This unicycle will not fail to impress!.

The frame is made with 6061 T6 aluminum.

Saddle: Naomi ultra thin saddle - White with removable cover
Seat post: Impact 'AllinOne' Seatpost 350mm - (27.2mm)
Seat post clamp: Impact single bolt, 31.8mm black
Frame: Impact 20" Impact Gravity Longneck, 6061 series aluminum with 42mm double bearing housings
Hub/axle: Impact ISIS CrMo 36 spoke (small flanges)
Spokes: 14G. stainless black (171mm in length for 3X) with brass silver nipples
Rim: Impact 47mm wide, double walled, Anodized black
Rim strip: Impact vinyl -
Tube size: 20" x 1.95 - 2.125" -
Tire: Maxxis Creepy Crawler, 20" x 2.5" This is a specific tire for this rim. A regular 20" tire cannot fit this rim.
Crank arms: Impact Eiffel Tower Cranks - 140mm
Pedals: Impact 'All Bran' Pedals - White -
Bearings: Impact 42mm x 22mm bearing system
Approx. cycle weight: 10.14 lbs or 4.6 kg.

Brand-Unicycle: Gravity
Minimum Inseam Length: 32" (81cm)
Type - Unicycle: Trials
Type - Seatpost Clamp: Single Bolt - 31.8mm
Seatpost - Diameter: 27.2mm
Color - Frame: White
Color - Rim: Black
Type - Crank: ISIS
Crank Length: 140mm
Type - Pedal: Plastic
Bearing Size: 42mm bearing
Cycle Weight: 10.5 lbs.
Wheel Size: 19 inch