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iYoYo ANTARCTiCA Yo-Yo - Bi Metal - Steel Ring Titanium YoYo

$ 350.00 

Titanium and stainless steel bimetal yoyo based on the Iceberg 2nd generation.

This is a bimetal yo-yo by iYoYo based on their iCEBERG. Unlike the TiTANiC, which was based on the iCEBERG Classic, this model is based on the second generation of the Iceberg, which is a whole 46mm wide, and also has a stainless steel rim. This configuration is the company's second since the TiSSOX.

The control feel of this yo-yo is hard, but the primary characteristic of this yo-yo is its lightness when force is applied. Since the body material has a lower specific gravity than aluminum alloy or plastic, the yo-yo has an underlying feeling of straightforwardness similar to that of a mono-metal yo-yo. Finally, the stainless steel rim gives an extra push to extend the sleep.

In any case, this is a yo-yo that comes honestly by its great playfeel. The beautiful shiny finish is still in place. Of course, this yo-yo also looks great as a collection item. It is a very satisfying finish that is good for decoration and good for use.

Weight: 66.3g/2.34oz
Width: 45.38mm/1.79in
Diameter: 56.98mm/2.24in
Body Material: Titanium
Ring Material: Stainless Steel