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iYoYo SHOOTiNG STAR Yo-Yo - Polycarbonate Yo-Yo - Great for Beginners

$ 29.99 

This is a a yoyo to make the entry into the YoYo world as easy and cool as possible for newcomers.

iYoYo has therefore put everything a beginner needs into the SHOOTiNG STAR:
Manufactured from sturdy polycarbonate using the latest CNC technology
Equipped with a narrow bearing that comes back to hand with "twitching" (a lot of response)
Also included is a high-quality, line-centering pixel bearing and a longer axle for unresponsive play: once you 've learned the bind , you can use it to do significantly longer tricks
The fingerspin hub also allows quite new players to learn these cool tricks
Bright colors and a cool logo complete the look.

Are you going to be the next shooting star in the Yo-Yo world? :-)

Width: 44.74mm/1.76in
Diameter: 57mm/2.24in
Bearing: Size C
Response: Slim 19mm
Axle: 4x8mm
Body Material: Polycarbonate
Tug Return
Unresponsive Upgrade Kit Included