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Lathed Back Design Bangarang Yo-Yo - Mini Titanium YoYo

$ 325.00 

This titanium mini may be pocket friendly but don't let its size fool you. Designed specifically to utilize the titanium to its maximum potential, it packs a punch like no other. Take it everywhere, anytime and play how you want with its three included bearing options allowing for fixed axle, semi responsive and and full modern unresponsive play all packed into the Boom Box package that we print in house to showcase this little monster! Want more? The Bangarang comes with one set of 3d printed rims and O-rings allowing you to expand its size and weight totaling 6 play options out of the box.

This is truly the all in wonder, a powerful pocket mini all the way up to a capable powerful full size. All designed tested and finished in house one by one. We specialize in titanium anodizing and strive to bring you the best creative mind while ringing tones of nostalgia.

Weight: 35g/1.23oz
Diameter: 35.7mm/1.4in (bearing dependent)
Width: 26mm/1.02in
Material: Titanium
MFD Snot response
Fixed, semi responsive and unresponsive all in one 3d printed boom box
Optional modular expansions - one set included

included - 1 x Bangarang with Boom Box Case, 3 bearing options, string and pick tool, 1 set of #126 O-rings and printed rims.