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Lathed Back Design Quantum Colliders Singularity Begleri - Plastic Edition - Skill Toy

$ 11.95 
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The Original Begleri Kendama fusion, 7g of mind blowing skill toy goodness. Original fusion design allows for smooth natural feeling begleri play with two fun shaped beads, being the first to incorporate Kendama elements and stalls thanks to its unique design. Ultra Light compared to other begleri, the beads come in just under 3.5g each while still slinging well above their weight, great for beginners and experts alike. The weight is no longer a limiting or safety factor. Canadian Made using non toxic sugar based plastic, 100% biodegradable in soil within as little as 6 months. the set includes instructions, spare paracord and sticker.

Weight per bead: 3.5g/0.12oz

1 Set includes 1 Cup and 1 Ball
Colors are by Cup color. Ball colors vary