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Luftverk Fulvia Plastic Yo-Yo - Injection Machined YoYo

$ 30.00 
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The Plastic Fulvia Summary from Luftverk

This yoyo is quite different because it uses what I call "Injection Machined" technology.

This yoyo blurs the lines between a low-cost injection molded plastic and a high-end machined yoyo - It has pushed me to the extremes in both design and financial limits. It's a project I hope people are willing to support even if it is not the trendiest fingerspin yoyo. It's a project I developed because I wanted to feel excited about low priced yoyos again, about applying the aesthetics of Luftverk into a product that anyone can buy. I appreciate everyone's continued support. Every dollar you guys spend helps me push the limits more and more. It allows me to peruse larger more substantial projects like this.

Weight: 66.7g/2.35oz
Width: 46mm/1.81in
Diameter: 59mm/2.32in