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Luftverk Hybrid Fulvia V2 Yo-Yo - Aluminum Rim - Injection Molded YoYo

$ 54.99 

The Hybrid Fulvia V2 features a ring that is redesigned to reduce vibration issues that the first version had when impacted on the floor. They are slightly lighter then the previous version offering a more comfortable throw with less kickback feel as well. An "Injection Machined" Hybrid yoyo which is a technique that achieves that classic yoyojam over molded bearing seat feel but the quality of a premium machined aluminum. It is injection molded into a large plastic blank then the profile is completely CNC machined. Afterwards, a 6061 aluminum ring is pressed on.

Weight: 65g/2.29oz
Width: 46.69mm/1.84in
Diameter: 57.52mm/2.26in
Body Material: Polycarbonate
Rim Material: 6061 Aluminum