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Luftverk Titanium Daytona SE Yo-Yo - Slimline Side Effects YoYo

$ 339.99 
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From Luftverk:
The Daytona Slimline SE "Side Effect" is a rebirth of the classic slimline with the addition of Onedrop's Side Effect system. The utilitarian idea of having a yoyo that can be serviced infinitely adds to the concept of the ultimate EDC yoyo. The addition of a bimetal titanium (BTM) version adds a brass garnish ring, adding an entire gram to the standard version.

Brass Ultralight Side Effect system allows you to tune vibrations out of the yoyo. All yoyos are pre-tuned to be as smooth as possible when sold, but removal of Side Effects may introduce fingernail vibrations and require a retune.

Specs Mono-Metal:
Weight: 63.2g/2.23oz
Width: 33.5mm/1.32in
Diameter: 53mm/2.09in
Material: Titanium
Side Effect: Brass Ultralight

Specs: Bi-Metal
Weight: 64.2g/2.26oz
Width: 33.55mm/1.32in
Diameter: 53mm/2.09in
Body Material: Titanium
Ring Material: Brass
Side Effect: Brass Ultralight