MAGICYOYO 7075 Aluminum Skyva Yo-Yo - POM Sidecap Containing the Fingerspin Scoop -

Color: Gold Silver
Sale price$ 64.99
The 7075 Skyva may share the same shape and design as the 6061 counterpart - but because of the unique density of
7075 it weighs a solid 67 grams, up a few from the 6065 version. The more powerful spin is was what Magic YoYo focused on.
If the 6061 was the fun outgoing yoyo, this is its competition ready cousin. They also stepped it up experimenting with a
beautiful acid wash finish. The engraving on the side “7075 Aluminum” finishes its aesthetic touch for a tasteful variant
of the metal Skyva series."

Diamater: 58mm
Width: 43.31mm
Bearing Gap: 4.5mm
Weight: 67Grams

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