MAGICYOYO Aurora LED Yo-Yo - Solid Color Lights - 6061 Aluminum YoYo

Color: Blue
Sale price$ 26.99

Magicyoyo LED Yo-Yo

This is an Aluminum yo-yo with Solid Color LED lights.

Solid Color Lights - Orange Yo-Yo with Pink Light, Black Yo-Yo with Blue Light, Silver Yo-Yo with Blue Light, Blue Yo-Yo with Green Light, Green Yo-Yo with Orange Light

When the button battery runs out replace them with a new one using the Allen hex key to remove the cap. Use the Allen key to go through the threads inside the yo-yo and push on the plastic cap from the inside, sliding it out of place.


Weight: 65 Grams
Width: 42.5mm
Diameter: 56.5mm
Body: 6061 Aluminum
Axle: M4 10mm

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