MAGICYOYO N5 Desperado Yo-Yo

Color: Purple
Sale price$ 19.99
Magic YoYo N5 Desperado Yo-Yo - Purple

The Magic Yo N5 Desperado is a nicely balanced aluminum yo-yo with a hefty width and smooth feel. Perfect for complex string tricks, the Desperado fits well in the hand. It has a C-size flat bearing and silicone response, and can accept flowable silicone. Comes in four nice color choices: Blue, Purple, Red and Raw (Silver).
Width: 50.5 mm;
Diameter: 51 mm;
Weight: 69.5 g;
Gap: 4.7 mm;
Bearing: C-sized;
Response: Silicone sticker (accepts flowable silicone).

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