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MAGICYOYO Vapormotion Hybrid Yo-Yo- C3YOYODESIGN Collaboration - Ethan Wong

$ 47.00 
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This is a special MagicYoYo and C3YOYODESIGN Hybrid Collaboration Yo-Yo! It combines the CNC skill of Magicyoyo and the design from C3. It is a Speedy yoyo with C3 signature fingerspin cap design.
They designed this yoyo with a polycarbonate body and aluminum fingerspin caps. VaporMotion is approved by Team C3 Ethan Wong who
is world famous fingerspin tricks expert. This yo-yo is perfectly mechanized so you can get the best Fingerspins ever.
Diameter : 57mm
Width : 42.70mm
Weight : 64.5grams
Gap width : 4.3mm
Bearing : Size C Grooved bearing
Response : C3 Blue pad