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MAGICYOYO Y03 Hertz Yo-Yo - Streamlined V Design YoYo

$ 16.99 

The Y03 is designed by Xinyu Zhang, an experienced yo-yo player and Official Team MAGICYOYO member. The front design highlights the three-dimensional effect by featuring some very distinct cuts. The streamlined "V" design on the side can minimize the friction between the string and the yoyo as well as improve the smoothness of the throw. With the enlarged space, this opens all kinds of space for intricate string tricks.

At the same time, the weight is 63.5 grams, which gives the YO3 a lightweight, speed type of play. Advanced players can use it for a different feel, increase the speed and flexibility, and truly master their moves! At the same time, the novice can also reduce the load on their fingers, in addition to reducing any damage caused by impact, and help encourage the novice to quickly and safely learn the entry skills!

The surface of the rim also offers a ultra-fine sandblasting and anodized treatment, which is comfortable to hold, and features colors that are diverse, vibrant, and never fade.

Weight: 63.5/2.24oz
Width: 44.5mm/1.75in
Diameter: 56mm/2.2in
Gap: 4.5mm/0.18in
Bearing: Concave
Response: Yellow Slim 19mm
Axle: 4x10mm
Body Material: 6061 Aluminum
Finish: Blasted