Markmont Classic Magnum Opus MCMO Yo-Yo - Classic Organic YoYo

Color: Clear
Sale price$ 99.99

From Markmont:
One Drop and I set out to re-fit the Markmont. Classic in 7075 alloy. We ended up landing at a more resounding result than we could have ever imagined. While in the bones of the cad updates, we made a couple little 'tweakies' to the aesthetics with a focus on 'micro' refinement. What we love and what we accomplished with the original 'had' to remain fully in tact, so the refinements were intentionally limited. The rim angle transitions became more squared to add rim weight for improved stability. The cups face angles were smoothed out to visually reduce and functionally balance. What was manifested from these final refinements in conjunction with 7075 was improved stability, cleaned up multi layer string interaction ie easier to perform dense tech tricks, and an overall 'i just flossed my teeth' level squeaky clean float play style. This is 'certainly' the culmination of One Drop and I's most important works within the Markmont. lineage of yo-yo's.

Weight: 64.4g/2.27oz
Width: 45.06mm/1.77in
Diameter: 56.13mm/2.21in
Gap Width: 4.32mm/0.17in
Response: One Drop Flow Groove
Bearing: Large C
Axle: Side Effects
Material: 7075 Aluminum
Finish: Pyramatte (+1 Nickel)

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