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Markmont Professional Formula Yo-Yo String -5 Pack Long Lasting Handmade 54'' Polyester YoYo String!

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Markmont Professional Formula Yo-Yo String - 5 Pack Long Lasting Handmade 54'' Polyester YoYo String!

Washing - To wash your string, merely put it in the laundry with your garments load as if it was laundry. That's it!

Blue Eyed White Dragon: aka 'The Denim String'. Straight from the DRAGON genome. If you're a fan of DRAGON, then you will most definitely be a fan of this. The twist pattern used to properly implement the 'blue eye' leaves the texture feeling more pebbled and resistant than the feel of throwing on DRAGON. The weave is locked in very neatly; this is noticeable in the feel of throw on string. The throw noticeably glides with a textured smooth grit that makes for a 'very' unique tactile feel. More controlled then DRAGON but trust, BOLD all the same. Characteristics Fast / Whippy / Stiff / Technical

Copernicus: A long lasting bright bouncy string option that works incredible against humidity. This formula is very soft across the finger without getting overly warm due to its fabrication. Same thickness as DRAGON but with a totally different lane of control and pocket. This string prefers to bounce at all times, so you will most definitely notice your elements stylistic execution start to lean over to a bouncy feel and aesthetic. Characteristics: Fast / Whippy +Bouncy / Super Soft +Plush / Weather Resistant

Cirrus Foam: Exactly like Cumulus Foam - super swift slacks, 'juicy' cool temperature texture (almost feels damp LOL) soft on the finger without being warm BUT thinner. Same thickness as Draken compared to DRAGON. The thinner fabrication of this formula allows for improved accuracy with more dense technical elements. I would say based on the weight, this whips slightly slower than Cumulus Foam, but still 'rather' fast all the same. Characteristics: Standard Speed / Whippy / Dense +Soft / Technical

Night Moves: Holds its structure 'very' well - kind of a Game Genie version of Draken. You can't get any more punctual with your trick density and technical elements than you get with this luminescent formula. This string allots you 'technical success' that you can literally/physically feel. This is 'the' string you opt for when you want to clean up your style or add detail to your elements and the execution 'of' those elements. Characteristics: Fastest / Whippy / Stiff +Crunchy / Extreme Technical

DRAGON: Very fast and very whippy, with a very stiff but playable tactile feel. You can discernibly feel the ridges of the twist on your fingers throughout play. This tactile feel gives you a really punctual awareness of flow and timing. This formula allows you to go pretty much as fast as you possibly can go on a string, while aiding in maintaining a decent amount of natural idle movement motion. It has a lot of energy that can physically be felt in the weighting of the string. Characteristics: Fast / Whippy / Stiff +Crunchy / Technical

Cumulus Foam: This formula thickness is actually slightly 'thicker' then DRAGON, but with a very comparable speed and zero 'chug'. On bearing you can feel the glide of the strings fibers move with a nice smooth continuous glide. On fingers it plays slightly more soft to the touch compared to DRAGON and boast quiet the vibrant 'punch' in person. Very solid option for stage use. Cumulus Foam can be machine washed to extend its lifeline and freshness. Characteristics: Standard Speed / Whippy / Juicy Soft / Whip +Slack Friendly

65: It has a certain bright but controlled character to it that remains very persistent and 'locked' in. It has that same spatial awareness of full string going on like Rebby, but takes on a different character when pushed in speed. This formula, in effect, has 'hops' LOL. What I mean by that is linear vertical motions (Eli hops, Black Hops, Kwijibo) happen with a spring like feel - felt in ascension and decension 'of said hops'. Characteristics: Standard Speed / Gratifying Bind / Soft / Technical +Competition

DRAKEN: DRAKEN being thinner DRAGON, is more suitable for competition play. String layering can be a bit more forgiving while the 'crunch' texture can also be felt slightly more throughout. If you want maximum 'rope' like lacerations, then DRAGON is for you. If you want to stay dense, technical and also stage ready, then go for DRAKEN. You can definitely still be technical with DRAGON (it's my personal preference) but it just takes a bit more work. Characteristics: Fast/Whippy/Stiff+Crunchy/ Technical +Competion

Amy: This string is bold in a playful way. It's on the softer side but boast traits of both Rebby and DRAKEN in trace ways. Has the same tidiness in thread twist as Rebby, but with a subtle bit of 'crisp' felt throughout play more similar to DRAKEN. The red thread twisted throughout the string creates a nice optical pink hue that makes the string easy to see. Something about the way this string handles tricks always gives me a strong inkling to play and explore more immediately after ever catch. It just has a certain unique energy to it that you really wouldn't expect from a softer more 'wheaty' poly blend. Characteristics: Standard Speed / Tactile Weight / Dense +Soft / Classic Play Style

Rebby: This string has a certain persistent speed to how it plays, but there's a bit of twist to that. The way this formula is produced results in a really distinct 'awareness' if you will. You get a really good sense of the elements your occupying on string throughout the entire length of the string. You really feel like you know 'exactly' what every inch of the string is doing in relation to the all times of being on string. Its a combination of the texture and tight twist. The dulled rough texture gives you the maximum 'feel' of the string, while the tight twist confines any loose threads - giving you 'only' clean twist on and in between your fingers. The tidiness of how the string is fully composed gives you a really clean throwing experience with a heightened benefit of punctual control. The string also has a little bit of a bounce to it that keeps the string from ever feeling dull. Characteristics: Standard Speed / Springy / Soft / Classic Jammer +Fixed Axle

Sunset Trajectory: When it's time to settle down as the day is coming to an end, or slowly meander into the start of the day, Sunset Trajectory is a prime option for a very relaxed play speed. From the DRAGON genome, Sunset Trajectory blends Night Moves with Cumulus Foam. Incredibly rope-like in the strings body feel; tactile in a way that provides maximum control at all moments of play. Binds are second nature and string tension is seriously consistent. Very good option for low RPM (sleeper speed) and dead yoyo play. Strong in the offstring (4A) department, and flowy whip/slack focused for string trick play (1A). You can feel literally all the grooves of the string twist as the formula glides across your finger. Very thick and with a bit of plumpness, similar to Cumulus Foam. Feels rather weighted when engaging in slacks and whips. The weight ends up feeling functionally usable vs just heavy for heavy sake. The optics are very calming and always changing depending on your light. The yellow competes with the fluorescent orange at all times to create a rather vibrant look. Sometimes it looks more orange, sometimes more yellow - similar to the range of color variation that happens from the sun's many states of trajectory. Characteristics: Semi-Fast / Soft / Whippy (audible) / Soft +Stiff / Textured / Technical

Blue Foam: In the best way possible, this formula is "resistant." Blue Eyed White DRAGON blue strain crossed with Cummulus Foam. In string play, the yoyo effortlessly glides across this particular hybrid. This produces a very fast and very bouncy play characteristic. String tension stays very consistent throughout extended play, with very fast and very visible whip and slack ability. Dense string amounts in the gap are far more easy to deal with with smoothness due to the texture of the crossing formulas. Characteristics: Fast / Slick / Whippy / Soft +Stiff / Technical

Dragon Foam: Think Cumulus Foam with a turbo charged engine lol. Same whip and slack traits found in Cumulus Foam, but with less weight and density, more zip, and more ease in switching speeds of play pace. From the DRAGON genome we bring you Cumulus Foam blended with DRAGON to form DRAGON Foam. Optically light neon yellow with a high amount of tactile feel. All maneuvers with this formula in particular feel very natural and assisted; meaning you don't have to over exert your energy to do...anything. It's very free flowing and let's you play with a certain type of confidence that can only be understood if played. You'll certainly find yourself experimenting with the subtle bounce/spring of the formula, as well as the slacks and whips a lot. You can certainly retrofit your will on to how this formula jams, but it certainly has a playful and boisterous will of its own. Characteristics: Fast / Whippy / Soft +Stiff / Technical

Night Dragon: Of the DRAGON genome comes Night Moves blended with DRAGON to form Night DRAGON. Very tactile in nature, with color optics of bright orangey pinkish creamsicle color (depending on lighting) that is very visible. Very easy to manipulate the speed of your throwing at a moment's notice, with full control of string feel. Phenomenal in the binds department, great string tension retention, dense to the touch, and with weighted whips. Characteristics: Fast / Whippy / +Stiff / Dense / Technical / Textured

Multi Packs:
Pack 1
Cumulus Foam

Pack 2
Blue Eyed White Dragon
Night Moves
Cirrus Foam