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Mega Game Glass Marbles - Replacement Marbles for Chinese Checkers - Standard Size of 14mm - Set of 60

$ 9.99 
SKU: GRM60-1

Set of 60 Marbles
10 Marbles of each color (Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Black & White)

Marbles are high quality glass marbles. They are the standard size of 14mm. Marbles are a favorite pastime for kids of all ages, and they are perfect for collecting, parties, playing games and lots more.

Perhaps one of the oldest toys on earth, marbles can be traced back to the ashes of Pompeii and ancient Egyptian tombs, where they were originally made of clay, stone, or glass. These marble sets can be used in traditional marble games like Chinese Checkers, Marble Run, and Aggravation. Kids have been collecting marbles and making up marble games for centuries. Truly a classic toy.