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MK1 x Spinworthy RBC Yo-Yo - Hollow 7068 Aluminum - Modern Responsive YoYo

$ 85.00 
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Mk1 collaborated with Spinworthy to create the RBC. It is a dedicated responsive yoyo constructed out of hollow 7068 Aluminum Shells. Hollow modern responsive yoyo with small bearing and smooth dimpled caps.

The idea for the RBC was to take one Spinworthy's wooden models called the Bloodcell and turn it into a metal responsive yoyo.

From MK1:
Rather than using an A sized bearing, we decided to use a smaller MR85 bearing that is only 8mm in diameter, the same as the wooden axle in the original wooden Bloodcell. This bearing combined with the same gap width as the original is intended to replicate the ideal play characteristics of fixed axle yoyos with the smoothness and power of metal. The result is a very reliably responsive yoyo, even with a dry bearing.

It was a challenge to design a lightweight hollow-bodied yoyo, but we managed to dial it in at 48g using 7068 Aluminium (Aussie spelling) with a diameter of around 55mm.

It's fast, lightweight, powerful and best of all, very reliably responsive. It's great for 0A, and we hope you'll love it!

Weight: 48g/1.69oz
Width: 34mm/1.34in
Diameter: 55mm/2.17in
Gap: 2.3mm/0.09in
Material: 7068 Aluminum
Axle: 3x12mm
Bearing: MR85 (5x8x2.5mm)
Finish: Matte

B-Grades - Anodization Flaw Only