MonkeyfingeR Ape Abductors Begleri - Customizable Asymmetrical Begleri

Color: Liquid Clown
Sale price$ 40

From MonkeyfineR:
Prepare yourselves, people! Board up your homes! Find some shelter and grab your tinfoil hat! We are indeed being invaded...the Ape Abductors have arrived! This is the latest begleri from MonkeyfingeR that was co-created with our very own MFD Team member, Riley. The Ape Abductors are designed with asymmetric beads that have a different amount of mass at the top and bottom. This lets the player flip them around to customize how they play. Do you prefer top-heavy or bottom-heavy? It's now up to you! Another cool thing is that each set of Ape Adductors comes with an Escape Pod weight that can be added at the top or bottom of your setup. It's your preference, and each pod weighs in at 1.4g. Backwards compatible with the MonkeyBARs weight system Ape Abductors can do it all.

So what's in the box?
1 set of Ape Abductors (11.6g, Height 22.8mm Width 19mm per bead)
Two sets of bumpers
Two escape pods (1.4g each)
Three cords
Two stickers
And to wrap it all up, an MFD info card.

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