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MonkeyfingeR Begleri TikiRollerz - Skill Toy Knuckle Roller

$ 55.00 
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Meet your new skill-toy " TikiRollerz." This new fidget toy requires zero space and slips into your pocket for anytime/anywhere fidgeting freestyle fun! MonkeyfingeR's original design incorporates both Knuckle Roller and Begleri. When the parts are connected you have a TikiRoller. You can then easily separate them to
play just the begleri.

Every Begleri bead we have ever made fits the Tiki. This means you can combine and create just about any shape, weight, length and color combination.

-One set of beads
-Tiki Bar
-2 short connecting rods
-2 long connecting rods
-Allen key
-Tiki pouch to keep your investment safe
-3 cords for begleri play