MonkeyfingeR Gelada 2.1 Yo-Yo - Fun - Casual - High Performance YoYo

Color: Blueberry Klobber II
Sale price$ 95

Gelada 2.1
Say another hello to the always casual, always laid-back, always life-of-the-party Gelada 2.1. But, let's be honest…the Gelada 2.1 is such a fun throw that people often forget just how well it performs. It is one of MonkeyfingeR's most requested throws even years after its original release.

Artist Proof comes with many extras!

Diameter - 57mm
Width - 44mm
Gap Width - 4.5
Weight - 64.7 grams
Bearing Size - MonkeyfingeR Revolution (Tasmanian Tornado) Hybrid, Size C
Response - Monkey SNOT flowable Silicone
String - MonkeyfingeR Vines (ape hangers) 100% poly

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