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MonkeyfingeR Private Reserve Begleri - Control Rod Technology (CRT) Design - Many Extras Included!

$ 40.00 
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The Private Reserve Begleri was built from the ground up by the MonkeyfingeR begleri team, or the Gorilla Squad! This new design is a departure from their usual smooth organic beads. This is an example of function over form. The Private Reserve allows players to adjust the weight of the beads without untying the cord. Yes, that's right! Set your length once, and then go to town with your weight adjustment, one gram at a time!

The Private Reserve accomplishes this never before-seen begleri feat thanks to their Control Rod Technology (CRT) design. They are so proud of this innovation that they machined in an exposure groove so that players can see the rods after being installed. The CRT rods are each one gram, and up to three can be installed per bead. If you prefer, longer rods with more weight can be purchased separately. Never have players had so much weight adjustment available in so little time.

Each Private Reserve begleri comes dressed up with all the usual goodies, with each box containing:
• 1 set of Private Reserve (13 grams...the perfect sweet spot)
• 6 CRT rods with Allen key to install and remove.
• 3 MFD stickers
• 1 MFD pouch
• 3 MonkeyCHORDS with a complementary color scheme