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Motion YoYo Accelerated Yo-Yo -Slightly Undersized Bi-Metal YoYo

$ 120.00 

Accelerated is a pocket punch of a YoYo: it's fast, it's direct, it's fun.

Motion YoYo wanted to utilize a shape that is not quite as common as other shapes. For accelerated, they went with a "bell" shape. The cuts on the body of the YoYo help bring a pleasing view at all angles, and the way light reflects off each cut just beautiful. Carrying over some traits through Motions lineup, the sunken dome and the accent grooves, and last but most certainly not least, borrowed the rims from Centrifugal and an added "bump" to further set this model apart from other yo-yos on the market.

Weight: 63.4g/2.24oz
Width: 45.5mm/1.79in
Diameter: 54.20mm/2.13in
Gap: 4.44mm/0.17in
Body Material: 7068 Aluminum
Rim Material: Stainless Steel
Rim Weight: 20.90mm/0.82in each