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Motion YoYo Elevated Yo-Yo - Bi-Metal 7068 AL with SS Rims

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from Motion YoYo

This YoYo is one of the most stunning designs to come out of the Motion laboratory. Every single angle of this YoYo has been thought out to the fullest extent.

From the gap shot, the undercut below the rims make it look like the rims are "elevated" off the YoYo body, giving a cool optical illusion effect.

The cup design features the Motion Sunken Dome, with a stepped wall going down the cup (sonic ripple design). Around the dome we implemented a dual rim design, which was used previously on our Linear monometal.

Using a 7068 alloy allows us to manipulate the wall thickness more so than a 6061 application. The extreme design of this YoYo cost us more than any of the previous models that we have done, and we fully feel like this YoYo was worth it.

This is Motion

Material: 7068 aluminum/ SS rims
Diameter: 57mm
Width: 46mm
Gap Width: 4.44mm
Axle m4*12mm
Weight: 61.84 +\-.5g