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Nimbus Nightfox 36" Unicycle

$ 789.00 

Nightfox 36" unicycle - Green

The Nimbus Nightfox 36" was designed to allow almost anybody at any height the ability to ride a 36" unicycle. The legs of the frame telescope instead of using a traditional seat post. The seatpost and seat tube were redesigned bringing the saddle down to the curve of the frame. The Nightfox frame incorporates the Shadow Handle into the design as well so you can ride as far as you like. The taller rider can raise the frame up allowing space between the Nightrider tire and the Nightfox frame to incorporate riding gear in a unique place. This unicycle design allows many different riding choices from riding across the country to riding across town!

Min (lowest adjustment) inseam with 138mm cranks is 27 1/2"
Max (tallest adjustment) inseam with 138mm cranks is 34 1/2"

Saddle: Nimbus gel (green) with front lift handle
Seat post clamp: Braise on single bolt x 2
Frame: Nimbus Nightfox 36" (Bright green) steel upper telescoping section with aluminum bottom legs, 42mm machined maincap bearing housings
Hub/axle: Nimbus wide ISIS (black) 36H, hardened CrMo splindle,127mm center bearing to center bearing
Spokes: 14G. stainless black (Disc side 369mm 3x, Non-disc side 367mm 3x) with silver nipples
Rim: Nimbus Stealth2, 36" (black) 36H, 42mm wide, aluminum doublewall, reinforced eyelets, ERD - 767mm
Rim strip: Vinyl
Tube size: Nimbus/Foss lite weight 36" x 2.25"
Tire: Nimbus Nightrider 36" x 2.25" Lite multi surface
Crank arms: Nimbus VCX (grey) 138mm, ISIS splined
Pedals: Nimbus Venture black, reinforced plastic body with steel removable pins, backing plate for added durability and CrMo axle with 9/16" threads
Touring handle with seat clamp: Shadow 90* front bar with bar ends
Bearings: 22mm x 42mm -
Weight:17 lbs.

Brand-Unicycle: Nightfox
Minimum Inseam Length: 27.5" (70cm)
Type - Unicycle: Commuter/Touring
Color - Frame: Neon Green/ Black
Color - Rim: Black
Type - Crank: ISIS
Crank Length: 138mm
Type - Pedal: Plastic
Bearing Size: 22x42x12mm
Cycle Weight: 17 lbs.
Wheel Size: 36 inch