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Nimbus Unicycle - Ultimate Wheel - Stunt Riding Wheel

$ 190.00 
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Have you exhausted all the things you can do on a unicycle and BC wheel? Well here is your next challenge. The ultimate wheel is the ULTIMATE challenge in one wheel! This model offers a really dynamic design of ultimate wheel riding. Although harder to ride than the 28", the 24" is the most common size for stunt-riding.

Ultra-stiff 7005 aluminium frame
Bright anodized silver
Reinforced pedal bosses
Narrow-profile high-pressure tire
Single-bar construction
Wheel Size: 24 inch
Weight: 5lb 13oz
Pedals: Round-type 9/16 threaded
Pedal pitch: 300mm (same as 150mm cranks on a standard unicycle)
Tire: 24 x 1.75 high psi