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Plump Seal Yo-Yo Strings - 5 Pack of YoYo Strings - Handmade

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Plump Seal Yo-Yo Strings - 5 Pack of Handmade YoYo Strings

Pufferfish: one of the most popular strings, and for good reason. It's thicker than your average thick string, lasts forever, whippy and light, and pairs well with many yo-yos!

Seals: classic strings. Seals are the thickest strings on the market that don't snag! Whippy, a little heavy, and last forever due to just how thick they are. And while they are meant for fun, you can still use them for more competitive levels .

Sea lions: these are a step up from seals, so the chances of them snagging is much higher, so do expect a snag or two. Besides that these are string that provide a weirdly fun, unique, and addictive throwing experience!

Electric eels: the thinnest in the string line, electric eels are built for fast and aggressive thin string play! Light, whippy, smooth, and forever lasting. These aren't exactly for everyone, but they sure can be that perfect string for those who like them!

Guppies: a little thicker than electric eels, these strings are whippy, soft but smooth, forever lasting, and hold their tension very well!

Angelfish: as thick as the pufferfish strings but with added whip and durability, and a string that has blown away every customer so far. It's a string built to be the perfect thick competition string while still providing a fun experience for those who love a casual throw.

Baby angelfish: something for the people who don't like thicker strings. Baby angelfish! All the same qualities of the original angelfish but now as thin as our electric eels! And cheeper!

Length: 135cm/53in