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Polyform Dema YoYo - Mono-Metal Jacky Le Yo-Yo

$ 55.00 

This is the DEMA - the signature yoyo of sponsored Polyform player Jacky Le. 6 months of testing and feedback from Jacky lead up to this unique looking aluminum 6061 monometal. The design features cuts on the body to create an illusion of a "pixelated hub" and dissipated to a more organic outside profile.

The weight distribution has been tuned to be powerful but not overwhelming, while the PF20.6 pads create super snappy feeling binds while avoiding snag. An extra pair of white silicone pads is included.

Weight: 65.5g/2.31oz
Width: 47mm/1.85in
Diameter: 55mm/2.16in
Material: 6061 Aluminum

NOTE - Micro-Arc Ceramic is a slightly abrasive coating especially during initial unboxing and throwing. The string tends to frey for the first few days. Please allow some time to break in the coating