PoryKon Jupiter Yo-Yo Counterweight - POM YoYo Counter Weight - Denny Ko Kwan Ho Signature model

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Color: Yellow
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The Signature Counterweight for Denny Ko Kwan Ho (Team PoryKon Hong Kong)

Jupiter combines ball shape feeling and PoryKon's element. It gives a solid hand feeling. According to Denny's habit, he loves playing 5A with different yoyos for daily. So, Jupiter includes beads and POM weight spacer (0.35g) for players to change the counterweight's weight easily.

The POM weight is produced by CNC processing. It gives strong crashworthiness and high accuracy weight. Users can choose their own suitable feelings by changing the part or bead.

Also, POM spacer can be the part of bearing system in order to increase the weight.(Suitable for PoryKon OG or SUMO)

Shape: Sphere + V 
Weight: 10.5 g (With bead) 
: 10.65g (with POM spacer)
.Material: Polycarbonate

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