PoryKon minTear Yo-Yo Counterweight - POM YoYo Counter Weight - Naoki Uemae Signature model

Color: Pink Blue Ombre
Sale price$ 17

Polycarbonate YoYo Counterweight

Naoki Uemae Signature model (Team PoryKon Japan

From PoryKon:
Naoki is an active 5A player with unique tricks and routines. He is used to playing with light counterweight. PoryKon decided to design a counterweight for him comprehensively.

"I love Fu-Ring design, but I wanna the size can be a little smaller and the weight can be lighter than Fu-Ring."

With Naoki's opinions, we keep using B-Lock system (Concept By Sora Ishikawa), focus on decreasing weight and adjust the size. We made the first prototype of minTear for Naoki, he used it to win SJ 2020 5A Champion. After SJ2020 we had discussed with Naoki, we had revised something on the prototype, particulars are listed below :

Production by : SLA 3D Printing > CNC Machining Processing
Material : SLA Resin > Polycarbonate (PC)

minTear is the 1st of PC Product and the lightest and most sturdy counterweight in our items (around 9g with bead). It gives light feeling but still can control the moving speed easily and has durable enough.

Shape - Slim V
Weight: 9g with bead
Material: Polycarbonate

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