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PoryKon Saturn Yo-Yo Counterweight - Polycarbonate with Silicone O-Ring YoYo Counter Weight

$ 18.00 
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This is a double material counterweight. PoryKon used Bi-Metal yoyo designs as a concept and put two different density materials in the Saturn. Saturn's body is made by Polycarbonate (PC) with CNC processing. It brings a strong crash-worthiness as usual. Also, a silicon O-Ring (higher density) is mounted on the outside body to build a different weight distribution feelings. O-Ring increases the sense of touch of the counterweight even with players who are wearing a glove. The higher friction makes the counterweight no easily slip away from the hand.

Sora Ishikawa (JYYCIO 2021 5A Division Champion Special Editions

Material: Polycarbonate
B-Lock System

Weight: 9.8g/0.35oz
2 Round Beads
1 O-Ring