PoryKon Sumo YoYo Counterweight - POM Ball Bearing Yo-Yo Counter Weight - Hiroyasu Ishihara "PON" Signature

Color: White
Sale price$ 16

PoryKon's SUMO Counterweight

The Sumo combines the characteristics of both the standard Dice Counterweights and PoryKon. PoryKon knew that Hiroyasu Ishihara a.k.a. PON was using dice shape counterweight before he changed to using PoryKon so they decided he would be the best candidate for their new project. This counterweight has an increased width and body weight to improve the stability and handling. PON decided to name it "SUMO" because it represented strength and steadiness.

SUMO is a different shape than PoryKon, but is the same size as most dice counterweights.

Height : 21.8mm
Width : 26.5mm
Weight : 10.9g 
Material :  POM (Celcon / Duracon / Delrin etc.)
System: Ball Bearing System
Includes: Ball bearing and 2 beads

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