Sochi x Zipline AlphaLine Yo-Yo String - 10 Pack of Professional Grade YoYo String

Color: Highlighter -Yellow/White
Sale price$ 5.50

Introducing AlphaLine, a professional grade bulk yoyo string collaboration between two inspiring companies. Taking color ratios/formulas provided by ZipLine Strings and using bulk string methodology by Sochi Company, It is something that feels and performs refreshingly like a little of each brand. With beautiful color blends, combined with consistent and predictable performance, AlphaLine will feel new, yet familiar to fans of both string brands.

This 100% polyester string feels sporty without feeling as tight or ridged as typical bulk string. It has a slightly more relaxed, yet consistent torsion and a thickness that seems to land right in the middle of ZipLine's Performance Edition *regular and Sochi *fat. The whip speed is geared towards being quick and sporty while still being fully capable of holding steady slack formation and predictable string tension, making AlphaLine a very solid, competition worthy contender. And with an average string length extending 4" beyond ZipLine's standard blends, at 51" AlphaLine covers an even larger range of play styles.

If you've played ZipLine Performance and/or Sochi Signature string you'll feel right at home, and you might even notice something you like better about this collab string 😉 Also, when you play AlphaLine, you'll not only be using something special, but you'll also be supporting two great companies who are dedicated in supporting the awesome yoyo community.

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