PoryKon Yo-Yo Counterweight - Machined Bearing Delrin (POM) YoYo Counterweight

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PoryKon is a machined bearing counterweight developed by six-time Hong Kong national 3A champion Ng Wang Kit and eight-time 5A champion Denny Ko!

The PoryKon Counterweight was designed to solve the problem of standard counterweights getting caught on the string during technical tricks

Two key aspects of this counterweight make it unique. The first is using a diamond shape that would help decrease the amount of contact area between the shape of the counterweight and the string and yoyo during tricks. And the second aspect is that using a bearing system would ensure string tension would always be perfect.

To ensure proper weight they decided to machine the final version from POM. As they continued to refine the shape and weight from prototype to prototype players from around the world gave them their feedback and as a result the final product is nearly perfect for freestyle play.

PoryKon is is one of the most nimble playing counterweights you can experience. It cuts through the air fast and the inner bearing ensures that your string tension stays perfect. The shape also just feels right and you quickly see why this has become a clear choice for champions in Asia and around the world.

Material: POM
Includes 2 Beads
Includes 1 Bearing

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