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PoryKon Yokozuna Yo-Yo Counterweight - Hiroyasu Ishihara's signature YoYo Counter Weight - Available 9/22@8pm

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Yokozuna (Hiroyasu Ishihara Signature Model)
O-Ring increases the sense of touch of the counterweight even with players who are wearing a glove. A silicone O-Ring is mounted on the outside of the body to build a different weight distribution. Body is made by Polycarbonate (PC) with CNC processing.

Yokozuna introduction from @hiroyasuishihara aka. PON :
⁡I mainly use SUMO but when I used Saturn, I was impressed with the effectiveness of the O-ring!
I don't have large hands, and I used to make a lot of mistakes catching weights, but after using Saturn's O-ring, I made a lot less mistakes catching weights.

I am very eager to incorporate this system in SUMO so I proposed it to PoryKon. As I had hoped, the catch errors were reduced while maintaining the SUMO's operability. The size of the weight has been slightly increased to improve visibility and make it easier to catch.

The name "Yokozuna" (横綱) was chosen for the top level of SUMO (相撲).

With this weight, I aim for the highest rank which is to win the WYYC2023!!

Material: Polycarbonate
B-Lock System
Weight: 10.4g/0.37oz
2 Round Beads
1 O-Ring