Rain City Begleri - The Fidget Slinger

Color: Foodie -Orange Black
Sale price$ 50
Rain City Skills has entered the Begleri market with the ultimate fidget toy.
It is a never before seen design you can tailor to your own taste.
It is a fidget spinner. Each bead includes a pair of bearings for multiple spin options.

You can adjust the weight from 9.5g per bead all the way up to 21g per bead*

You can sling it, you can spin it, you can fidget with it.

Each set is shipped in a stylish mason jar and includes a hemp carry bag to keep your beads safe, a set of bearings and end caps for each bead, and a variety of cords so you can choose your color and thickness.

**Note - As with anything that has moving parts, the bearings in these are subject to wear and tear. Be prepared to perform standard maintenance on your bearings, cleaning and lubricating them if you use them outdoors and drop them often.

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