Rain City Skills- Eternal Throw THE GAMER YO-YO Aluminum Ball Bearing YOYO

Color: Samus (Metroid)
Sale price$ 39.99
The Gamer is a collaboration from Rain City Skills and Eternal Throw. The inspiration for this throw is to make an affordable throw for kids to start them off with. The basis being a throwback to the early days of ball bearing yoyos. This yo-yo was primarily made for selling directly in schools but a few made it for retail sale. The GAMER package comes equipped with everything needed to get you started in the wonderful world of yo-yoing!

With each gamer you get:
1. A beautifully anodized ‘gamer’ yoyo with a size C bearing
2. A slim bearing that comes thick lubed for responsive
3. A bottle of thick lube to keep your gamer as responsive
as you want
4. A multi purpose removal tool
5. 2 spare sets of pads so can carry it everywhere!
6. A carrying case to keep it safe in your backpack
7. A custom art sticker designed by artist Paul Sarge as
well as a Rain City Skills and Eternal Throw Sticker
8. A pair of Lego “Finger Spin” plates. Like the Hipster
Highlife, the hubs are Lego compatible.

Weight with slim bearing) 66.4g
Weight (will standard bearing) 67.5g
width of 32.2mm with the slim bearing and a diameter of 54.9mm

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