Rain City Skills Loonie Yo-Yo 2nd Edition - Brass Micro YoYo with EXTRAS!

Color: Brass
Sale price$ 49
The Loonie is a micro yoyo made out of brass. This is the 2nd edition of this yoyo. The original was narrower and less stable. Rain City created a second edition in response to the volume of public demand for this yo-yo.

The Loonie plays best with a thinner string, but works fine with your favorite brand of bulk string.

Rain City Skills likes to have fun so the hub of the Yoyo is designed to be Lego compatible. This allows you to throw on some small decorative pieces or bigger pieces to adjust the weight. Each Loonie comes with a pair of lego plates that are great for fingerspins!

Weight - 64.1g
Diameter - 31.8mm
Width - 33.2mm
Material - Brass
Bearing - Size ‘A’ flat track

Each yoyo comes with
-A themed coin purse case
-A pair of Rain City Skills thin string (any standard thin string works fine).
-A Rain City Skills ‘Loonie’ sticker
-A foil wrapped chocolate Loonie coin
-A pair of Lego fingerspin cups that attach to the hub

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