Rain City Skills Retro Rocket Yo-Yo - 24K Whips Collaboration YoYo

Color: DHD blue/silver
Sale price$ 65
The Retrorocket has been over a year in the making. In early 2018 Daniel Kessler (creative genious behind 24k Whips yoyo string) approached Rain City with an idea. A pocketable throw that had the power of a full sized yo-yo.

The Retro Rocket is a small step away from most of Rain City's yoyos. Instead of their signature lego compatible hub, the RR features a fingerspin trainer cup. When you hit the middle just right you lock in for a long spin.

The sleek curves of the throw reminded them of old 1950's rocket ships, hence the name. They opted to match colorways to some more recent themes.

The Kessler Run references the Maw Nebulae, famous in Star Wars lore.

The Redshirt references the famously unfortunate security officers from the original Star Trek series. These brave yet nameless souls ran headlong into danger time and time again!

The DHD showcases the rippling blue of the Stargate. What strange world will you explore this time? Engraved on each throw are the coordinates for earth so you can always get home!

Of course you still get the full Rain City unboxing package. Each box includes

-A Retro Rocket, strung with Rain City "Sunshower" Strings (1 thin, 1 thick)
-A 24K Whips custom string to match the colorway
-A selection of Mryoyothrower trading cards.
-A holographic Retro Rocket sticker
-A Spaceman minifig
-Lego bricks and instructions on how to build him a simple spaceship!

Weight: 65.4g
Width: 38.7mm
Diameter: 52.7mm
Material: Aluminum

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