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Rain City Skills Show Pony Yo-Yo - Lighter, Faster, More Stable YoYo - Many Extras Included!

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Rain City Show Pony Story from Rain City:
It was time to revisit the design of the Show Girl. I sent the original file to Justin Scott Larson to add some upgrades. We made it a little wider and slightly larger in diameter and shaved off about 3 grams of
weight from the overall design. The end result maintains the general feel of the original Showgirl, but is
lighter, faster, and more stable on the string.
I decided with the updated design an updated name was is appropriate. Show pony is a name for
somebody who is a born performer. Somebody who loves being on the stage and in the spotlight. It's
also a gender-neutral term, so it's more friendly. I planned the colorways around different performing
arts. The solid colors are the colors of a circus tent, and each of the splash colors matches a different
performing art - Musical Theatre, Flow arts, Magician, Dancer.

Specs -
Diameter 55.2mm
Width 45.2mm
Weight 63.8mm
Bearing - Groove concave in the splash colors, center track in the solids