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Rain City Skills Sk8r C Bearing Edition Yo-Yo - Version 2- Oh-Yes-Yo Collaboration YoYo

$ 64.99 
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The Sk8r C-Bearing Edition Version 2 - Rain City Skills x Oh Yes Yo

The Sk8r is one of the staples of the Rain City collection. For a brand that aims for unique and unusual, a skateboard wheel shaped yoyo is right on par! The Sk8r is made out of high quality Delrin, machined with precision. The overall shape is that of a skateboard wheel. Finger board to use as a display stand or pull off some mad tricks with.

The specs are a little different than the original C-bearing edition, a touch heavier in all the right places.

Hand-Dyed by Jeff Anderson. 2 Yoyosam Exclusive Colorways (Sonic & Knuckles)

Weight: 64g/2.26oz
Diameter: 53mm/2.09in
Width: 41.64mm/1.64in
Bearing - Size C Groove Concave

In the box (well, package)
-The Sk8r
-assorted Hub Accessories
-minifigure on a skateboard
-keychain skateboard
-The usual assortment of pogs and stickers.
-Lego compatible Hub Accessories