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Rain City Skills The Gamer AL Light Yo-Yo - Lightweight Aluminum YoYo

$ 59.00 
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From Rain City:
The Gamer started it's existence as a simple, classic design that was meant to be a small blip in the Rain City Catalogue. Instead it turned out to be one of our flagship models. It's been through 3 runs of the original design, a run as a lighter Delrin model, and now we have a lighter weight aluminum edition.

The main feedback we got on the original design is that it has a little too much weight for some of the stall-based modern responsive tricks. So we shaved off a few grams for this run!

We've revisited some of the classic colourways and brought in a couple new ones based on requests over the years!

Slim Bearing Specs:
Weight: 61.25g/2.16oz
Width: 30.5mm/1.2in
Diameter: 54.85mm/2.16in

Full C-Bearing Specs:
Weight: 62g/2.19oz
Width: 32mm/1.26in
Diameter: 54.85mm/2.16in

With each gamer you get:
1. A beautifully anodized 'gamer' yoyo with a size C bearing installed
2. A slim bearing for responsive play
3. A bearing tool and yoyo holster
4. A hard shell case to keep it safe, or store your accessories and string
5. The usual stickers and goodies