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Rain City Skills The Ouroboros YoYo - Signature YoYo of Luna Harran - 7075 Aluminum

$ 69.99 

The Ouroboros.

Luna Harran is the most innovative yoyoer alive. Yes, we just made an absolute statement, and I don't think you'll find anyone who will disagree. She does things with yoyos that no one else would even think of, let alone manage. You name a trick style, she can do it, and do it well and in a way you wouldn't have considered. From landing a "Brent Stole" trick using just her feet, to single-handedly developing the Full Loop style of yoyo trick (originally invented by Doc Pop), she does it all.

When it came time for her to design her own signature yoyo (with the help of veteran yoyo designer Jordan Blofeld) she had a challenge. How do you design a yoyo that's perfect for 1a, 3a, 5a, Full Loop...the list goes on.

Stability, but not too heavy. Nice and wide for off-string catches and 5a play, but still nimble enough for challenging 1a tricks.

Of course durability was a major consideration, so we went with the denser 7075 Aluminum.

The name - Ouroboros - comes from a mythical symbol of a snake eating it's tail, a symbol of infinity, of the cycle of death and birth, and matching nicely with a full-loop string where the yoyo loop "eats" the knot!

Each Ouroboros comes with our custom Rain City Skills thin string, great for those challenging multiple wrap 1a string tricks, and perfect for making a full loop with! You'll also get a Lego snake, an Ouroboros keychain, and our usual stickers and pogs!

One colorway was entirely "sorry grades", so we're offering it as a budget option. It's vibe-free, just the cosmetic flaws.

Weight: 66.6g
Width: 49.9mm
Diameter: 54.9mm
Material: 7075 Aluminum
Bearing: Groove Concave Bearing