Rain City Skills The "$" Yo-Yo - Aluminum YoYo - Includes Two Bearing Types and Many Extras

Color: DTYY Edition Black/Gold
Sale price$ 40

The $ - by Rain City Skills
The “$” is a design based on the infamous Dollar Tree Yoyo. In short, it was a playable (the right kind of terrible), ball bearing yoyo sold at the Dollar Tree retail chain for a buck each. While they were available a mad time of modding and gifting ensued.

We wanted to pay homage to that fun bit of budget friendly yoyo fun!

The DTYY Edition is splash anodized to reflect the original DTYY colours (or as close as you get with budget friendly anno shops). Each one comes with the full rain City unboxing experience:
The $ with a “C” bearing installed
-A shorter axle and half-C bearing for responsive play
-Lego figure and a random selection of bricks to attach to the Lego hub
-Stickers and a string pack
-Yoyo holster
-A really, really cheap yoyo in the style of the original Dollar Tree Yoyo, ready to give to a beginner or
mod to your heart’s content
-Trading cards, pogs, maple candy...the usual

Material: 6061 Aluminum
Weight - 56.4g
Diameter - 54.9mm
Width - 37.7mm
Bearing - Center Track

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